Precision Engineering Vocational Continuing Education & Training (PEVC) Initiative

Last Updated: 13 December 2011

The PEVC aims to develop a pool of highly-skilled master craftsmen and create a progressive craftsmen career path thereby improving salaries of skilled production craftsmen. The S$52 million initiative comprises three programmes to develop a strong pipeline of craftsmen to meet the future needs of our manufacturing industries:

  1. 100 National Precision Engineering Study Awards per year for deserving students at the Institute of Technical Education

  2. Systematic on-the-job training programme to upgrade new craftsmen

  3. PE Master Craftsmen Programme at Nanyang Polytechnic to train 2,800 master craftsmen
Singapore to Develop Master Craftsmen
Singapore to Develop Master Craftsmen

Craftsmen in Singapore can look forward to increased upgrading opportunities and an improvement in their career prospects.

13 December 2011
Press Release


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