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What are the requirements for application to the PYLA?

Applicants to PYLA need to be JC1 or Year 5 students from recognised education institutions offering A Levels or International Baccalaureate Diploma or Diploma (NUS High).

EDB will select well-rounded student leaders who have not only achieved excellence in academic performance, but who have also demonstrated exemplary qualities such as resilience, innovation and active service to their school and community.


Is participation in the EDB supported programs compulsory?

Yes. EDB is committed to provide you with access to networks and development opportunities to expand your horizons. Hence, we expect you to mutually value this opportunity and participate to learn from these EDB supported programs.

Will I be required to study specific subjects supported by EDB during university if I take up the PYLA?

Recipients of the PYLA will not be obligated to take up specific subjects. Our primary objective is to develop our awardees by giving them access to developmental opportunities.

Will I be required to apply for an EDB scholarship upon reward of PYLA?

We expect PYLA recipients to have an interest in EDB which they wish to further pursue through the PYLA.

To further hone this interest, recipients of the PYLA will be given priority consideration in the EDB 3D Amoeba Attachment, which will give you a leg-up in understanding EDB and how its work might align to your career interest.


What documents do I need to submit?

  • PYLA Application Form
  • Year 3/Sec 3 End-year, Year 4/O Levels End-year and Year 5/JC1 promotional results (For NUS High/IB and A Levels students respectively)
  • CCA records from Sec 4 and in Year 5/JC1
  • Certifications of achievements, if any

How many rounds of interviews are there?

There will be 2 rounds of interviews, 1 with our HR managers, and 1 with our management.


How many PYLA recipients will be awarded each year?

We don’t have a fixed number to award the PYLA to. Instead, we base it on the calibre of the young talent we see, and will reward the deserving ones.