How long am I expected to stay in the same job or portfolio?
Find out what Mr Beh Kian Teik, Assistant Managing Director, has to say
Frequently Asked Questions

At EDB, we believe in the importance of providing you with a wide exposure to different portfolios and job families. We believe that this experience will train you to see issues from multiple perspectives. We typically encourage new officers to remain in their portfolio for 2-3 years before rotating them to different portfolios. I joined EDB in 1998. Over the past 19 years, I have had the opportunity to be rotated to 6 different portfolios ranging from industry development in the Infocommunications industry as well as the Biomedical Sciences industry; to Global Operations where I was based in Boston and subsequently in London where I was responsible for EDB's offices in Europe and oversaw EDB's engagement strategies for Europe. I am currently overseeing a number of divisions including our incubation unit which looks at sensing new industry opportunities for Singapore as well as IT! Talk about a wide range of exposure!

What is a typical day in EDB like?
Find out what Ms Crystalbel Foo, Lead – Infocomms & Media Division, has to say
Frequently Asked Questions

There’s never a “typical boring day at work” in EDB. Over the past two years alone, EDB has given me opportunities to engage with a variety of industries ranging from Internet companies, to consumer electronics, to even chemicals companies on Jurong Island. The breadth of work has been extraordinarily wide-ranging, including client pitches, deal structuring and negotiations, identification of emerging growth areas (e.g. augmented reality, artificial intelligence) and the development of company and industry strategies.

What is the most exciting project that you have handled?
Find out what Mr Dalvir Singh, Head – Consumer Businesses Division, has to say
Frequently Asked Questions

In my previous role with the Transport Engineering division, I had the opportunity to participate in the Singapore Airshow. It is Asia’s biggest, and the world’s Top 3, aerospace and defence show. The capstone event for any EDB aerospace officer, it is the best opportunity to experience all that cluster life has to offer in a few adrenaline-filled months of preparation. This includes senior management meetings, major media events, company opening ceremonies and a host of glitzy networking events. As a team, we went through numerous meetings, company events (openings, signing ceremonies, receptions etc) and hosted senior government VVIPs at EDB’s chalet including President Tan, DPM Teo and ESM Goh. The experience was further enhanced by the fact that coordinating EDB’s participation is a truly EDB-wide endeavour as we worked in a committee with colleagues from other divisions to also design our lounge and hospitality experience and drive the media & publicity campaign. The feeling of accomplishment you get as it all comes together and you see the success of everyone’s collective effort is quite surreal.

What should a fresh graduate like me expect during my first year of work at EDB?
Find out what Ms Lyn Ng, Head – Human Resources Division, has to say
Ms Lyn Ng

As a fresh graduate, you will participate in the Associate Programme, a 1-year rotational program designed to prepare you for success. During your 1-year stint, you will undergo structured training, and gain exposure to various industries and planning & policy divisions within EDB. You will also have the opportunity to be mentored by our management. Upon completion of the programme, you will join a division as a Lead, driving accounts and developing policies to further Singapore’s economy.  

Tell me more about EDB's culture.
Find out what Mr Joshua Lui, Lead – Electronics Division, has to say
Mr Joshua Lui

Although we work hard, I think it’s great that we also take the time to have fun together. My first year, I took part in our annual D&D’s dance performance. We mixed quite a few different dance styles – jive, popping and locking, and a more general mass-dance hip hop. I enjoyed getting to know my fellow dance-mates, learning all the different moves, and of course performing on the day itself.

In a more informal setting, there was also a memorable post-work evening I had with my division. We brought in a 30kg sashimi-grade yellowfin tuna! Our resident expert carved up the tuna, and there was more than enough sashimi for the whole floor. To make things more interesting, we also had a kitchen torch to prepare some of the tuna aburi-style.

What are the challenges that you face in your work at EDB?
Find out what Mr Zachary Gan, Lead – Energy & Chemicals Division, has to say
Mr Zachary Gan

I majored in Geography in university, so it was not exactly a direct match with the Chemicals industry right from the start! However, by being inquisitive and eager to learn, I quickly learnt what the main industry concerns and key products are, as well as ramped up on my knowledge of the key chemical feedstocks. There was a steep learning curve initially as there are a lot of EDB specific work processes and industry specific knowledge to pick up. Thankfully, we are assigned an experienced officer as a buddy to help us navigate the initial ramp up.

A lot of our work involves detailed preparations. For example, I had to conduct a tour of Jurong Island for the Chairman of a Chinese Agrochemical company in Mandarin. It was not easy as there are many technical terms, so I was a little slow in responding to on the spot questions.  But overall I think it went alright thanks to the cheat sheet I prepared ahead of time of translated chemical names and major Jurong Island landmarks!

What are the opportunities available for me at EDB while I am still a student?
Find out what Ms Thien Kwee Eng, Assistant Managing Director, has to say
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We offer undergraduates the opportunity to take part in EDB's Summer Internship Programme. Getting meaningful work experience during your university years is a great way of increasing your future employability. This is why we make the effort to structure your internship project around real-life issues, as well as involve you in company meetings, strategic discussions and visit programmes right from the start. Your internship is an excellent platform to develop core business competencies and to establish valuable contacts that benefit your studies and future career. I have had the opportunity to work with many interns, many of whom were subsequently offered permanent positions in EDB. One such officer was pleasantly surprised to realize that the proposals which he had put together as an intern were subsequently implemented. Talk about making an impact!

What are the global opportunities available to an EDB officer?
Find out what Ms Ng Wen Xu, Director – Lifestyle Division, has to say
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The work at EDB is inherently global by nature. During my first posting in EDB's Biomedical Sciences Division, I had the opportunity to learn and exchange perspectives with senior C-suite level executives from all around the world on a myriad of issues spanning business trends, supply chain, R&D and business operations. I was subsequently posted to EDB's Paris office before being posted to EDB's Mumbai office. My role then required me to meet with key business executives in their headquarters to understand, first hand, changing industry trends and identify new technologies and business ideas that could be adopted in Singapore. I am now back in EDB's Singapore office but this is an experience that I still truly enjoy!

How does EDB support work-life balance?
Find out what Ms Wendy Lim, Executive Officer (Senior) – Human Resources Division, has to say
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EDB provides me with a flexible and family-friendly work environment. Both career and family are key priorities for me. As an employer, EDB has been understanding to my needs and accommodated my request to work on a part-time basis. I have thus been able to continue my career development without losing focus on my family life.


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