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Dalvir is an Assistant Head with the Consumer Businesses division. Prior to joining EDB, Dalvir founded a startup in the F&B space and ran his own business for about 4.5 years. He started his career in EDB with the Transport Engineering division looking at the Aerospace sector and subsequently rotated to the Consumer Businesses division. Here he talks about how the organisation supports his career development.


Of Career Development And Personal Growth

I’ve heard the term career capital used a lot, and in EDB I do genuinely get the impression that the organisation is serious about helping each employee build up a strong suite of skills and career experiences. The objective, I believe, is not only that you’re positioned to do your current job very well but also that you are well prepared to take on any future challenges.

Well curated training programme: I was, and continue to be, highly impressed by EDB’s structured training programme. It is comprised of a comprehensive leadership development framework mapped to a highly well curated list of training courses for every stage of your career. HR has dedicated significant resources to determine what are the essential skills that need to be learned, the best medium of delivery and the most appropriate training provider.

Buddy Programme: Starting as an experienced hire, I had assumed I would be given minimal guidance and be expected to pretty much run on my own. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to hear I’d be getting a buddy – who was a team mate that would show me the ins and outs of the job as well as make sure I was fitting in well. I found this extremely helpful during the steep ramp up of the first few months in the job. On the flip side, after having been assigned to be a buddy to new hires myself, I realise there is a lot of personal development that can be gleaned from the process as well. For example, I found it gave me the opportunity to hone my mentoring and coaching skills.

Career Planning & Rotations: EDB management dedicates a significant amount of time planning each officer’s career through regular management platforms. These sessions are informed by feedback provided by the officers themselves on their career aspirations and interests during regular 1-to-1s with their managers. Notably, these feedback sessions with the managers are a continuous and ongoing process and not just one that takes place during performance appraisal season. There is also a very open willingness from the organisation to facilitate and identify suitable rotations that could help meet the aspirations and career development goals of officers.