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Yi Chung has just returned from an overseas posting to the Biomedical Sciences Division in HQ. Previously as EDB’s Centre Director for Italy and Switzerland, based in Zurich, he was EDB’s eyes and ears in the field, identifying regional business trends that could impact Singapore’s industry development, and cultivating relationships with company executives in these geographies who are contemplating business operations in Singapore. He was previously Senior Officer in the Biomedical Sciences Division based in EDB HQ. Here, he talks about how he has been empowered to make a difference to Singapore and Singaporeans, both at home and abroad.



Empowered to make an Impact, Anywhere in the World

I still remember the most impactful project I contributed to, in Biomedical Sciences. A major pharmaceutical company was keen to establish its first Asian manufacturing site, and its top executives wanted to visit Singapore to assess its suitability.

I planned, launched and hosted their Singapore meetings with EDB, potential business partners and educational institutions. I also worked late into the evening with my managers to identify and propose desirable activities for the company to undertake here, and even had a late-night discussion about these ideas with the executives - in their hotel lobby! Our efforts paid off – after a short few days, the executives left with a favourable impression of Singapore, and after more months of further discussion, they agreed to set up their facility here, creating exciting new jobs for Singaporeans in the fast-growing area of biologics!

When I was based in Zurich, I appreciate how my work as Centre Director can create a different kind of impact to Singapore’s development. I constantly engaged with business leaders in the region, stayed up-to-date on political, social and economic trends, monitor global industry developments closely, and forged close connections with EDB officers in HQ, to translate these insights into economic and business opportunities for Singapore.

It is challenging and exciting to be able to shape businesses and industries at such an early time in my career. I was thankful for the invaluable guidance of the work buddy assigned to me –a more senior officer who guided me through my initial projects, provided me with feedback until I was confident to drive projects independently, and helped me integrate into EDB’s dynamic culture by inviting me to lunches with colleagues and other social activities!

I gained not just a deep sense of belonging and camaraderie, but also a profound appreciation about how important teamwork is to EDB’s success.