Our biggest asset is our people. And a top priority here is bringing them to their full potential. From day one, we will work with you to chart out a career path that is optimal both for you and the organisation. You will find yourself immersed in collaborative networks aimed at enhancing professional and personal development on the job.


Learning Programmes

Learning is an ongoing part of life at EDB. It starts at the orientation programme and doesn't stop until the day you leave. You will be exposed to boundless learning opportunities, be it through interacting with peers at work or attending specific training programs. The latter is dedicated to developing specific skills at different stages of a person's professional path.

Milestone Programmes

These programs address learning needs at specific junctures of an officer's career. At the foundation level, you will go through an induction programme to gain a better understanding of the organisation and the work we do. On top of soft skills training such as presentation and business etiquette, officers also attend the Business Management Programme, a comprehensive management programme that covers topics from Finance and International Economics to Strategic Marketing and Corporate Strategy. 

Core Programmes

We also have in place a suite of core programs such as Client Engagement, Negotiation and Problem Solving, which are tied to our seven core competencies. These competencies are job knowledge, analysis and conceptualisation, decision-making and judgement, interpersonal skills, presentation and marketing, written communication, and service quality.

Functional Programmes

These programs are officer-initiated and relate to specific roles or areas. They typically take the form of seminars or talks.