Manufacturing Surveys

Our Research & Statistics Unit (RSU) publishes timely and reliable statistical data on the Singapore manufacturing sector. The government and private sector often use these data for policy formulation, business decision-making and research analysis.

The data is mainly collected via surveys. You can see sample survey forms here.

Completing surveys
If you already have a login and password and need to complete a survey, click on the links for the survey below.

If you are new to the online survey system, call us at (65) 6832 6832 or email us to get a login and password. 


Companies are required by law to complete these surveys. (See extracts from the Statistics Act.)

All data provided to the RSU are strictly confidential. The RSU does not release individual company data. All published data are aggregated such that individual company data cannot be identified.

You can purchase the collated data of these surveys. Just call us at (65) 6832 6832 or send us an email.



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Troubleshooting & Password
If you have any problems completing the surveys online, or if you have forgotten your password, please contact us at (65) 6832 6832 or email us



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You may wish to refer to our reports for the data collated from our surveys:

Monthly Manufacturing Activities (March 2017) Full report
Statistical tables
Business Expectations of the Manufacturing Sector
(Business Sentiments for April - September 2017)
Full report
Statistical tables
Census of Manufacturing Activities, 2015 Infographic
Statistical tables
Technical notes
Rebasing of Monthly Index of Industrial Production (2015=100) Article


You can get an idea of the scope of the three surveys we conduct from the sample survey forms below.

You can purchase the collated data of these surveys. Just call us at (65) 6832 6832 or send us an email.




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