Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, the process of starting a business here is simple. Read on to find the all-important answers on taxation, gaining entry, registering a business, finding suitable premises and recruiting the right staff.


Singapore has a highly-skilled workforce, and welcomes skilled global talent. The city state is regarded as one of the most desirable Asian cities to live, work and play, thus aiding recruitment. Singapore also invests heavily in training and education to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Workforce Recruitment and Staff Training in Singapore

Singapore has a talented workforce that is ranked among the best in the world for productivity, work attitude and technical skills. Workers speak English proficiently and are constantly looking to upgrade their skills and knowledge. A host of worker-training and scholarship programmes makes this possible. 

Singapore welcomes foreign talent. It takes less than two weeks to get employment passes for foreign staff. If you require a specialist or manager to come to Singapore for a short-term project, approval can be issued in just three working days.

Full details of the various kinds of employment passes, as well as dependency passes for family members, are available at the Ministry of Manpower site.

Find out about Singapore's labour market, employment laws, recruitment services, and worker training and staff development schemes here.


The Strategic Attachment and Training (STRAT) Programme

The Strategic Attachment and Training (STRAT) Programme aims to build up Singapore's manpower capabilities in strategic areas and sectors through overseas training and attachment with leading companies. The EDB Strategic Attachment and Training (STRAT) Programme will fund the training of engineers and other skilled professionals to create a ready pool of skilled manpower for emerging sectors in Singapore.

Training is 24 months long and will be conducted at the overseas facilities of training partners. They will be paid an allowance for the duration of the training and will be required to serve employment in Singapore-based companies for 2 years upon completion of the training.

The programme is open to polytechnic and university graduates who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents.

Please click here to apply.


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