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Brainstorm Design 2018: Airports of tomorrow

Brainstorm Design 2018: Airports of tomorrow

24 Apr 2018

Supported by EDB and hosted by Design Singapore, “Brainstorm Design 2018” is a unique three-day conference by Fortune Conferences, which is dedicated to exploring the increasingly crucial nexus between business and design. The conference was held from 5 to 7 March.


A series of discussions were conducted during the conference, as thought-leaders from diverse fields share how they embrace design thinking in their daily work.


Starting from April till June, INSIGHTS will bring to you one interview highlights each month.


We will start off with none other than a household name that Singaporeans are proud of - Changi Airport.


Rated “the world’s best airport” year in and year out, Lee Seow Hiang, Chief Executive Officer of Changi Airport Group shares how design and design thinking can help travellers love airports not just for its function as a hub for transit, but a destination in its own right.


Fortune Magazine


This video first appeared on Fortune Magazine’s YouTube page on 14 March 2018.