Apple to power 100% of its operations in Singapore with Clean Energy

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On 16 November 2015, Apple announced that it will be powering 100% of its Singapore operations with clean energy. 

The solar installations on various Housing Development Board's (HDB) sites managed by Sunseap will be delivering clean energy to Apple via an off-site Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


Photo Credit: Sunseap Group

Thanks to a pioneering business model of Offsite Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Singapore is able to address Singapore’s land scarcity challenge and enable Apple to power all its operations in Singapore with solar energy, despite having power requirements that were more than what a solar energy system installed on its own buildings could provide.

This is the first-of-its-kind business model for Southeast Asia, which is especially useful in dense urban cities. Apple is the first company in Singapore to run exclusively on renewable energy, marking a significant step in its goal to power 100 percent of it facilities worldwide with clean energy.

With the Offsite Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Sunseap will attribute the power consumed by Apple to the electricity it contributes to the national grid from its solar systems across over 800 buildings in Singapore. These rooftop solar panels are placed on both public and private-owned buildings and Apple's own facilities, generating 50 MWp of solar energy.

Apple will receive 33 MWp of the total installed capacity, which will cover all of Apple’s electricity needs in Singapore, including their 2,500-person corporate campus and new retail store.

Press Release
- 16 November 2015

Apple to power 100% of its operations in Singapore with Clean Energy