DHI significantly expands its R&D centre in Singapore

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On 11 July 2016, Danish water and environment company DHI announced at the 2016 Singapore International Water Week global platform, that it is investing over S$15 million to expand its water and environmental R&D centre in Singapore. Over the next five years, 60 researchers will be added to DHI’s 110-strong research team based here.

[Left to Right]: Mr Jan Krejcik, Vice President of Urban Water, DHI Group, Mr Jacob Tornfeldt Sørenson, former Director of R&D, DHI Singapore, Mr Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director, Cleantech, EDB, Ms Stéphanie Groen, Managing Director, DHI Singapore and Mr Ole Svenstrup Peterson, Director of R&D, DHI Singapore, at the launch of DHI's expanded R&D centre in Singapore.


Photo Credit: DHI Singapore

With this investment, DHI will develop WaterData, a global database that will bring together many different kinds of data from around the world, such as rainfall, temperature and water quality, under a single database located in Singapore. This will help decision-makers manage water, remotes sensors for flood protection and grow opportunities for Singapore water companies to market their technologies in Europe.

DHI will expand its sensors hardware unit DHI Sense, which aims to build affordable sensors that monitor the many characteristics of water and make sense of the data through computer modelling. The R&D centre will look into how DHI Sense will be able to support the government’s data-driven Smart Nation vision. For instance, flood prediction can be enhanced through senses that provide real-time spatial data of water movement. DHI Sense was developed by DHI Singapore and is the first business unit that DHI has developed, tested and commercialised entirely outside of Denmark.

Since DHI entered Singapore in 2003, it has increased its staff from six to almost 200 today, and provides marine environmental impact assessment and monitoring services. 

Press Release
- 11 July 2016

DHI significantly expands its R&D centre in Singapore