Global music firms tuning in to Singapore

| Creative Industries

Music streaming service Rdio wants to offer a vibrant marketing platform where artists, brands and industry partners can work and grow together, says Mr Kurt Loy, its marketing head for Asia.


Photo Credit: The Straits Times

The Straits Times published a cover story that highlights EDB’s efforts in fostering the region’s growth of the music industry- forecasted to grow 1.6 per cent a year to reach US$80 million in 2018, according to a report by PwC. Global firms including Sony, Rdio and Amuse have recently made Singapore their base for grooming and promoting local and regional musicians, joining companies Avex, BMBX and Spotify.  Head of Asia at Rdio Mr Elvin Tan said that “trends tend to start in Singapore and then spread widely”, and the company’s regional headquarters in Singapore will thus carry out marketing and content acquisition, as well as manage relationships with record labels and artists in the region. EDB Director (LPO) Miss Kow Ree Na said that there are major shifts taking place in the way music is consumed, and Singapore is positioning itself to take advantage of these changes. Ms Kow added that even as made-in-Singapore music gets a lift, Singaporeans will also be able to take on regional roles which range from marketing to talent scouting or managing relationships with music labels and publishers, among others.