HDB launches first tender under EDB-led programme, SolarNova

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On 5 June 2015, HDB called the first multi-agency solar leasing tender for a total capacity of 40 MWp, making it the largest to date in both the public and private sectors in Singapore. It was also the first tender that was launched under the programme, SolarNova, which is spearheaded by EDB.

Under the programme, EDB encourages government agencies to come together to use solar power, so as to spur the growth of the solar industry in Singapore.

SolarNova aims to contribute towards Singapore’s projection for solar power to contribute 350 MWp to Singapore's energy supply by 2020, and more tenders under the programme are called over the next four to five years.

The latest 40MWp tender will see solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed at eight Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and PUB sites, as well as an estimated 900 HDB blocks across the island. The installations are expected to be completed in end-2017.

With HDB acting as the government's central procurement agency for solar panels, agencies with a smaller demand will benefit from economies of scale and enjoy solar energy at a lower cost.

“SolarNova is a game-changing programme to aggregate and catalyse solar lead demand in Singapore, so as to build capabilities in our solar industry. The escalating adoption of commercially viable solar energy in Singapore will also generate new innovation opportunities around smart grids and energy management. This initiative will strengthen Singapore’s position as the leading clean energy hub in the region,” said Mr Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director, Cleantech, EDB.

Press Release
- 05 June 2015

HDB launches first tender under EDB-led programme, SolarNova