Hyundai and NTU Singapore launch joint research centre on urban systems

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On 19 January 2016, NTU and one of South Korea’s largest construction firms, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (E&C) launched “NTU-Hyundai Urban System Centre”, a joint research centre which aims to tackle critical issues for cities such as finding efficient ways to utilise underground space, seawater desalination and developing innovate construction methods.

[Left to Right]: NTU Provost Freddy Boey, EDB Executive Director, Cleantech, Goh Chee Kiong and Hyundai Chie Technology Officer Dr Lee Seok Hong launch the NTU-Hyundai Urban System Centre

Photo credit: Nanyang Technological University

This is the first time a major Korean construction company is setting up a research centre outside South Korea and Singapore has been chosen for carrying out research and development on urban solutions.

The centre, which is supported by EDB, received a total funding of close to S$8 million for the next three years and will be working on five projects in this first phase. These projects include finding new ways to reuse sediments through combining it with industrial by-products; developing a low-energy desalination process to turn sea water into clean water; pre-fabricated modules for offshore floating platforms such as oil rigs; and a new system to design and manage rock caverns.

The collaboration will leverage NTU's expertise in water and environmental strategies like forward osmosis, as well as waste management. Meanwhile, Hyundai will be able to provide field-related technology and experience in real-world problems and the solutions will be applied in real-life projects by Hyundai to meet the needs of their clients globally.

The new research centre will be housed at NTU’s Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (NEWRI) at JTC CleanTech One. It will make use of pre-existing facilities at JTC CleanTech One and labs across the NTU campus. The research projects in Phase 1 will be handled by the approximately researchers from NTU and Hyundai.

NTU and Hyundai E&C will decide on future phases after assessing the results of the first phase. Hyundai E&C also said it hopes the centre will be able to commercialise an urban development solution in at least one of its projects by the end of 2019.

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- 19 January 2016

Hyundai and NTU Singapore launch joint research centre on urban systems