MasterCard, EDB to help firms innovate in technology

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MasterCard and EDB have signed an MOU to help companies in Singapore build innovative technology solutions, furthering Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

In the next two years, the two parties will focus on tackling some of the biggest urban challenges that Singapore faces, with a focus on promoting mobility, tourism and trade. MasterCard and EDB will work with other Singapore-based companies to design and build technology platforms in these three areas.

For each of these three areas, solutions will be designed and developed out of Singapore, further enhancing Singapore’s ability to create innovative products and services which are exportable and can be globally deployed.

This partnership is in line with EDB's drive for Singapore to be a hotbed for innovation and the creation of new businesses, which in turn will contribute to economic growth and the creation of good jobs.

Press Release
- 11 July 2016

MasterCard, EDB to help firms innovate in technology