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Soitec Launches FD-SOI Pilot Line in Singapore

Soitec Launches FD-SOI Pilot Line in Singapore

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Soitec Launches FD-SOI Pilot Line

[From Left to Right]: Mr Christophe Maleville, EVP Digital Electronics BU, Soitec, Mr Jong-Aik Goh, Managing Director of Soitec Singapore site, Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of National Development, Mr Paul Boudre, Chief Executive Officer, Soitec, Mr Carlos Mazure, Chief Technical Officer R&D / IP / Funding, Soitec, Cyril Menon, VP Industrial Operations


Photo Credit: Soitec    

Soitec, a leader in designing and manufacturing semiconductor materials for the electronics industry, is launching a pilot line to produce fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) wafers in its Singapore wafer fab. This is the first stage in beginning FD-SOI production in Singapore and providing multi-site FD-SOI substrate sourcing to the global semiconductor market.

"Our decision to launch this FD-SOI line in Singapore as well as the decision we already made to ramp up our FD-SOI production in France are based on direct customer demand," said Paul Boudre, CEO of Soitec. "These are very important milestones for Soitec and the expanding FDSOI ecosystem. In Singapore, we plan to get full qualification at the customer level in the first half of 2019 and then increase capacity in line with market commitment."

The company plans to invest a total of US$270 million over the next several years to bring the plant to full capacity with a target of more than 800,000 FD-SOI wafers per year.

The FD-SOI ecosystem continues to strengthen and the use of FD-SOI technology is progressing. Multiple foundries, IDMs and fabless customers are engaged with a growing number of FD-SOI tape-outs and wafer starts. FD-SOI offers a unique value proposition for lowpower applications, which makes it well suited for rapidly growing electronic market segments such as mobile processing, IoT, automotive and industrial.

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- 20 September 2017

Soitec Launches FD-SOI Pilot Line in Singapore