ST Electronics launches commercial satellite imagery service

| Aerospace

ST Electronics launched a new commercial imagery service using the first made-in-Singapore commercial Earth observation satellite, TeLEOS-1, on Tuesday 26 July.

The new imagery service is the first in the world to provide one-metre resolution with the fastest response time from a Near-Equatorial Orbit remote sensing satellite. Besides the sales of satellite imagery, ST Electronics will also provide value-added applications covering urban planning and infrastructure management for smart cities, environmental and resources monitoring, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, maritime security and safety, border and territorial water protection.

The launch follows the successful completion of a six-month In-Orbit-Test of the satellite that started on Dec 16, 2015.

ST Electronics will also partner EDB on corporate accelerator programmes, to develop new ideas for new markets using satellite data. These would connect commercial end users, satellite data providers and start-up or research communities to co-create and commercialise new ideas.

Press Release
- 26 July 2016

ST Electronics launches commercial satellite imagery service