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Zendesk expands chat development centre in Singapore

Zendesk expands chat development centre in Singapore

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Mr Mikkel Svane, founder and CEO of Zendesk makes a speech at the expansion of the Chat Development Centre in Singapore.


Photo Credit: Zendesk

On 22 February 2017, Zendesk announced the expansion of its Chat Development Centre, growing the office in Singapore, which is also the company’s Asia Pacific Commercial Headquarters, to accommodate more than 120 staff with support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

Zendesk’s Asia Pacific (APAC) Commercial Headquarters and Chat Development Centre in Singapore was first established through the acquisition of Singaporean startup Zopim Technologies for US$30m, specialising in Chat technology in 2014. Since the acquisition, Zendesk has grown its business recently experiencing a 40 percent year-over-year increase of paid customer accounts in Singapore to end December 2016. On a whole, the APAC region is a key focus for Zendesk with paid customer accounts growing by over 35 percent year-on-year to end December 2016.

As the Chat Development Centre expands, Zendesk will focus on hiring for its Chat Research and Development (R&D) team over the next few years, with roles distributed across the entire product development activity chain. Zendesk will continue to tap into deep engineering talent in Singapore, exploring opportunities to partner with local universities and research institutes to complement its efforts in product innovation and commercialisation.

Press Release and Speech
- 22 February 2017

Zendesk expands chat development centre in Singapore