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Urban Solutions & Sustainability


CITIC Envirotech provides services in wastewater treatment, water recycling and river restoration. The Group is listed on Singapore’s stock market with a market capitalisation of more than S$1.5 billion, and it has invested in more than 60 water plants in China and Asia.

Home-grown company Memstar, one of the largest advanced membrane manufacturers in the world, is owned by CITIC Envirotech. It opened a $25 million R&D and manufacturing facility in 2015. The new plant will double the production of Memstar’s high-tech membranes. It also acts as a test bed for lab innovations, enabling faster commercialisation of products.


Singapore is Memstar’s only production site for these high-tech membranes. It also has production facilities at Mianyang, in Sichuan province, Nantong, in Jiangsu Province and at Beijing for its other products.


The co-location of Memstar’s global membrane R&D centre with its new manufacturing facility will allow research outcomes to be quickly tested and prototyped. Singapore’s excellent IP protection, logistic network and its reputation as a global hydrohub are compelling reasons for the company’s continued investment here.