Our Industries
*An inaugural title awarded in 2016 by the Financial Times’ fDi Intelligence service for out-performing every other city in getting investments and being an attractive location for innovation.


Lauded as the “Aerospace City of the Future”*, Singapore boasts one of Asia’s largest and most diverse eco-systems with over 130 aerospace players. We also host a growing satellite industry with more than 30 firms, which includes leading players like SES and Inmarsat and space start-ups like Astroscale.

Top Asian Home Base

No.1 in Asia for MRO and more

We are Asia’s leading one-stop solutions provider for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) needs, contributing 10% to global MRO output. Anchored by home-grown enterprises and MNC partners, we offer comprehensive nose-to-tail services. Our excellent connectivity and infrastructure also make us a world-class base for aerospace firms’ regional distribution centres.

The 320-ha Seletar Aerospace Park hosts integrated activities like manufacturing, aftermarket services and R&D.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Singapore’s strengths in MRO, precision engineering and electronics enable MNCs here to manufacture some of the most complex components like avionics computers and engine fan blades, supported by our strong intellectual property regime. We also promote public-private partnerships such as A*STAR’s research consortium with 15 industry leaders, which has conducted over 100 research projects since 2007.

A*STAR collaborates with 35 aerospace industry leaders to research re-manufacturing technologies.

Quality Talent

Our talented workforce is well-trained in hands-on learning environments like Republic Polytechnic’s 1,500sqm aerospace hub, which features real aircrafts and support equipment like flight simulators. In the satellite industry, over 1,000 professionals work on activities across the value chain, from space hardware design and development, to sales and marketing, provision of satellite-based services, and supply chain management.

Our aerospace and satellite industry has about 21,000 highly skilled and trained workers.

At a Glance


of global MRO output contributed by Singapore’s aerospace industry.



in total output produced in 2016 by Singapore’s aerospace industry.



players in the aerospace industry. Singapore has one of the largest and most diverse concentrations of aerospace companies in Asia.



compound annual growth rate posted by Singapore’s aerospace industry over the past two decades.