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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

The past decades have seen the industrial sector drastically transformed by technology, globalisation, and the rise of Asia. In response to these global shifts, Singapore has embraced Industry 4.0, and is moving its industrial base up the value chain to strengthen its position as the leading industrial hub for companies worldwide. 

Partnering Companies for Success

World-class Manufacturing Ecosystem

Leading firms across industrial sectors such as Shell, Micron, and Merck have chosen Singapore as a strategic manufacturing hub. We are the world’s 4th largest global exporter of high-tech goods – Singapore produces 5 of the world’s top 10 drugs, and is the 5th largest producer of refined oil. Our ecosystem also comprises top Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firms with facility engineering and large-scale construction expertise, and research institutes that can work directly with companies to develop cutting-edge solutions with global impact.

The vibrancy of our manufacturing ecosystem has led companies to site not just production facilities, but the full suite of headquarters, R&D, and supply chain management functions in Singapore to serve the region.

Hotspot for Advanced Manufacturing

Attracted by the growing momentum of Industry 4.0 amidst Singapore-based industrial firms, many key global suppliers such as ABB and Siemens have established Advanced Manufacturing Centres of Excellence in Singapore. To complement these efforts, the Singapore Government launched the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index, a world-first Industry 4.0 tool developed for nation-wide transformation of industrial sectors. 

Singapore was ranked 5th for manufacturing value-added in the 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

Skilled and Adaptable Workforce

Singapore has a highly-skilled and adaptable workforce, ranked 2nd in the 2017 Global Talent Competitiveness Index. Through national initiatives such as the SkillsFuture Series in Advanced Manufacturing, the Singapore Government continues to work alongside industry players and institutes of higher learning to equip our people with the necessary skills for advanced manufacturing.

Our Singapore Skills Frameworks are tailored to each industry’s needs and contain detailed information on career pathways, skills listings, and available courses for skills upgrading.

At a Glance


of Singapore's nominal GDP contributed by the manufacturing sector in 3Q2017.



largest exporter of

high-tech exports globally.



year-on-year growth in the manufacturing sector grew for 3Q2017, outpacing the overall economy’s 5.5% productivity gain over the same period.


year-on-year fall in

unit labour costs in Singapore's manufacturing sector for 3Q2017.