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A global services hub at the heart of Asia. Situated at the heart of Asia, Singapore offers world-class connectivity and infrastructure for companies to expand in the region and beyond.

Riding on The Wave of Asian Growth

Asia: A Land of Opportunities

Asia has become a leading engine of global growth and its importance is expected to rise. By 2030, Asia will make up more than half of the world’s middle-class population and account for the bulk of the demand for consumer goods. Companies are looking to ride this wave of growth by moving their operations closer to the key markets of China, India and Southeast Asia.

Greater movement of people and goods for both business and leisure will be a direct result of expanding Asian businesses and Asia’s increasingly affluent population.

Singapore a Focal Point for Companies Expanding to Asia

With a comprehensive array of trade networks and world-class transport infrastructure, Singapore is well-poised to facilitate market access for companies in the region. Our air and shipping facilities are often considered to be the world’s best, with a mega port currently being built in Tuas that would double our handling capacity by 2040. Businesses can also enjoy greater connectivity through our numerous free trade agreements, and our small size ensures convenience and easy accessibility.

Singapore’s unparalleled connectivity and infrastructure paves the way for better market access and trade flows from local and international companies alike.

Well-Established Ties with ASEAN Markets

Singapore has forged deep ties with the rest of Southeast Asia, contributing to the region’s development. Singapore-based regional think-tanks like the Emerging Markets Institute and the Institute of Asian Consumer Insight help companies understand business intricacies in ASEAN. With multinational corporations tapping on the Singapore advantage to access the ASEAN market, we are making strides towards becoming a Global-Asia hub.

Leverage the Singapore advantage to expand into Southeast Asia -- one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

At a Glance


of the global middle class is expected to come from Asia by 2030. The growing middle class will be the driving force behind the demand for goods and services.



implemented free-trade agreements (FTA) that Singapore has with other countries. These include bilateral FTAs with leading economies such as the United States and China.



people in South east Asia. With a population larger than the European Union or North America, its consumer market is estimated to be at US$1.2 trillion – larger than that of India.



radius in proximity to any country in Asia, which makes us easily accessible from anywhere in the region.