The Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index

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The Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index is a world's first Industry 4.0 tool that is developed by the government for nationwide transformation of industrial sectors. 

The Index is a diagnostic tool that companies – across all industries and sizes – can use to better understand Industry 4.0 concepts, evaluate the current state of their facilities, architect a comprehensive transformation roadmap and deliver concrete, sustained value for their businesses.

The index draws reference from the RAMI1 framework and was validated by an advisory panel of 21 academic and industry experts. The Index was also piloted with both small medium enterprises and multinational corporations in Singapore to ensure a balance between technical rigour and usability.

To help companies understand and use the Index, a series of four workshops will be conducted throughout the fourth quarter of 2017, which companies can register to attend for free. 

To register your interest for the workshops, please click here

1 Reference Architectural Model for Industry 4.0 ("RAMI 4.0"), which was developed by Plattform Industrie 4.0. Today, RAMI 4.0 has been formally acknowledged by key experts and renowned associations globally to be the reference architecture model as it embodies the key concepts and ethos of Industry 4.0

White Paper
- 13 November 2017

The Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index