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Amgen Singapore Manufacturing

Heralding a new stage of efficient and innovative production of medicines that treat serious diseases, Amgen has invested more than US$150 million in its Next-Generation Biomanufacturing facility. Located in Tuas Biomedical Park, this is Amgen’s first manufacturing facility in Asia and it’s most innovative.

Unlike a conventional manufacturing facility, Amgen uses a revolutionary approach that incorporates multiple innovative technologies to achieve speed, productivity and flexibility to manufacture innovative life-changing medicines.


Taking only 15 months to build and at only 120,000 square feet (16% the size of a conventional facility), the Next-Generation Biomanufacturing’s modular and configurable design enables Amgen to increase production capabilities for greater accessibility to patients around the world. The facility is expected to have the same annual output as a conventional facility in a single building and will use less energy, water and have lower solid waste and emission levels – all in line with Singapore’s commitment to sustainable and innovative economic development.


Amgen’s second manufacturing facility in Singapore and its first commercial Active Pharmaceutical Plant for large molecule chemical synthesis manufacturing has begun engineering and process performance qualification runs in 2017. Amgen’s investment in Singapore is strategically aligned with Singapore’s Economic Development Board’s focus on developing higher-value-added sectors that can provide quality jobs and careers for the Singapore workforce, especially within the biomedical industry. The company has since expanded its workforce from 70 in 2014 to more than 350 over three years.