Our Industries


Virtually every key gadget today have parts created in Singapore. You most likely own a piece of Singapore’s electronics industry, from Seagate’s hard disk drives and Hewlett-Packard’s print heads to Energizer’s iconic batteries. In fact, your smartphone’s 4G connection is probably enabled by RF filters made in Singapore.  Leaders of the electronics industry are also designing the future in Singapore. Our research institutes work with pioneers such as NVIDIA, Infineon, and Micron to push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), and Industry 4.0. 

Plugged Into The Future

Rich and Diverse Manufacturing Hub

Some of the world’s biggest pure-play foundries have manufacturing facilities here, as do many other top outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies. Beyond semiconductors, Singapore is also a key node in the global supply chain for products ranging from storage and memory products, to microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). These manufacturers are supported by a rich ecosystem of leading materials & equipment and electronics manufacturing services players. Looking ahead, the Electronics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) aims to grow the sector by transforming the current installed base of companies through productivity, automation, and upgrading the manufacturing product mix.

Singapore has one of the most diverse semiconductor industries in the Asia Pacific.

Industry-ready and Innovative Talent

Singapore trains over 13,000 engineers and technicians annually, ensuring a steady stream of talent to the industry. EDB partners companies through various platforms such as the Singapore Industry Scholarships (SgIS), Industry Postgraduate Programme (IPP), and the EDB-NVIDIA Future Talents Program to groom the next generation of foundry engineers, IC designers, and AI talent.

Konica Minolta and MediaTek Inc have tapped on Singaporean business-ready workforce to establish innovation centers here and drive their efforts to break into new markets.

Ready for a “Smart” Future

Electronics form the backbone of AI, enabling devices to see, think, and talk to each other. With Singapore’s Smart Nation 2020 vision, we are committed to partner companies worldwide to design, develop and test-bed new solutions like intelligent homes, AVs, and “lights out”, fully automated factories.

The Smart City of the future is being created in Singapore, with NXP empowering the next generation of connected cars and Intel’s solutions for the smart home. Companies also pick Singapore as their partner to pioneer advanced manufacturing technologies, with industry leaders Micron and Hewlett Packard setting up their lead site for manufacturing analytics and 3D printing here.

At a Glance


of output (USD) achieved in 2015, accounting for 31.6% of Singapore’s total manufacturing output.



annual growth in productivity over the past decade registered by the electronics sector.



of fixed asset investments (FAI) attracted by the electronics sector in 2015, which made up 28.6% of the total FAI committed to Singapore. It was second only to the chemicals sector, which accounted for 31.3%.



workers, accounting for 17% of Singapore’s manufacturing workforce.