Precision Engineering

Spotting a strand of hair from a height of 600m – this is comparable to the kind of nano-scale defects made-in-Singapore wafer inspection tools can identify. Such feats reflect Singapore's sophisticated precision engineering capabilities and our strengths as a leading regional hub for advanced manufacturing. 

Spot-On Strengths

Full spectrum of capabilities

Over 2,700 PE firms supply critical products and expertise needed to manufacture complex components and equipment used in industries such as semiconductors, medical technology, marine, offshore and aerospace. Singapore PE companies have a full suite of design, prototyping, production and supply chain management capabilities. Manufacturers can easily find a “total solution” here, rather than to source from multiple suppliers. 

The Precision Engineering industry contributed S$34 billion of output in 2015 which is projected to grow further to S$42 billion by 2020. Manufacturing in the PE sector will be underpinned by a strong foundation of innovation and R&D operations conducted by globally leading OEM companies like Applied Materials, KLA-Tencor, Kulicke & Soffa, Keysight, and Rohde & Schwarz.

Positioned for the future

Under Singapore’s PE Industry Transformation Map (ITM) that was launched in 2016, we will broaden and deepen our foundation in advanced manufacturing by leveraging on digital technologies and developing capabilities in advanced robotics, additive manufacturing, advanced materials, sensors, lasers & optics.

Under the Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2020 plan, the Government will invest S$3.3 billion in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering R&D.

Highly skilled manpower

We ensure a steady pipeline of well-trained PE talent, through initiatives like a S$76 million programme to attract a new generation of engineering talent and deepen our manpower capabilities. Since the scheme was launched in 2007, over 800 diploma-level graduates have been trained and hired in the PE industry. It was supplemented in 2012 by another S$52 million PE vocational training programme.

We continually upgrade our manpower and plan ahead for anticipated demand, especially in new verticals identified in the PE Industry Transformation Map like additive manufacturing. Today there are more than 100 postgraduates in training with specialisation in additive manufacturing.

At a Glance


of wire bonders used in the global semiconductor industry is produced in Singapore. We also account for 10% and 30% of global output for refrigeration compressors and hearing aids respectively.



of global semiconductor equipment output is from Singapore.



out of the top 10 wafer fabrication equipment companies procure significantly from Singapore-based suppliers.