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EDB explores potential for 100MWp floating solar photovoltaic system

EDB explores potential for 100MWp floating solar photovoltaic system

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EDB is launching a Request for Information (RFI) to explore the possibility of a 100MWp floating solar photovoltaic (PV) system for private sector consumption, starting with studies at Kranji Reservoir. Increasingly, as companies turn to renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint, the availability of renewable energy in Singapore is viewed as a favourable consideration for business investments and expansions. In support of this, EDB has launched a RFI for a large-scale floating solar PV system for private sector consumption. The project will commence studies with Kranji Reservoir given its larger water surface area. It is estimated that a small portion of Kranji’s surface could yield up to 100MWp of floating solar PV. This could reduce 52 kilotonnes of carbon emissions each year, which is equivalent to taking 11,200 cars off the road annually. Kranji Reservoir is an important ecological biodiversity site and implementation of the project is contingent on the results of comprehensive environmental studies.

Request For Information
- 31 October 2018

Large-Scale Floating Solar Photovoltaic System

- 30 November 2018

Question & Answer session on 30 November

EDB and PUB held a Question and Answer session for the Floating Photovoltaics Request for Information (RFI) on 30 November. The attached PDF documents the questions and respective answers provided during the session.
- 12 February 2019

Answers to Additional Questions submitted via email

The attached contains answers to additional questions that were submitted to the project office via email.