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Evonik’s extensive operations in Singapore, ranging from manufacturing facilities to R&D, are a strong endorsement of our strengths as a specialty chemicals hub.


The German company, which has been based here since 1969, employs more than 600 people and has invested over S$1.6 billion in Singapore.


Besides its regional headquarters for Asia Pacific South, Singapore also hosts as an innovation hub and technical service centres for key segments such as coatings, animal feed, beauty and care.


As one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, Evonik’s decision to make Singapore the site of its largest single methionine production site in their global portfolio also reflects its strong confidence in our strengths as a high-value manufacturing centre.


Evonik opened its first plant for producing methionine –an essential amino acid required for balanced animal nutrition – here in 2014. With the growing demand for MetAMINO® for animal nutrition in Asia, the company decided to double its capacity less than two years later. In October 2016, Evonik announced that it would invest another half a billion euros in a second methionine plant on Jurong Island. Such plants are typically built every seven to eight years.


The two facilities will help Evonik to meet burgeoning meat consumption across the Asia-Pacific region, which is the group’s biggest growth market for methionine.


Evonik also established an oil additives plant on Jurong Island in 2008, which was expanded in 2015 by transforming it into the largest of its five facilities globally. The enlarged plant also featured improved automation to reduce energy consumption and waste, reflecting Evonik’s strong focus on resource efficiency.


Singapore’s excellent logistics network, exceptional supply of raw materials, skilled workers and stable business environment were all key factors in Evonik’s decision to expand its investments here.