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As early as the 1970s, Schlumberger recognised Singapore’s strategic and geographical advantages as a regional platform to serve its fast-growing oil & gas equipment business.

Schlumberger started out in 1970 with a warehouse in Singapore to sell electric submersible pumps (ESPs) to Indonesia. This soon expanded into an assembly and repair plant serving not just Asia, but the Middle East, Europe and Africa as well.


Today, the world’s leading Oil and Gas technology services company has located 6 of its regional business units in Singapore, altogether employing about 1,600 employees. In particular, its Artificial Lift and Testing & Services business units have anchored global responsibility for manufacturing, engineering and R&D of several of its product lines here.


With most of the world’s wells requiring artificial lift to boost or enable oil production by overcoming insufficient downhole pressure, Schlumberger’s ESPs have seen healthy demand over the years.


Singapore’s manufacturing expertise and strong research capabilities have supported the French company’s push to produce high-quality systems, while constantly improving on them through cutting-edge innovation.


With its official opening in 2006, Schlumberger’s Singapore Integration Centre expanded by almost 50% to accommodate the increased production of ESP systems.


The company has also opened regional Centres of Excellences for drilling systems and surface systems here. These Centres serve both Asia Pacific and the Middle East.


The most recent addition to Schlumberger’s Singapore operations is the Singapore Well Testing Centre, which opened in 2014. The first and only one of its kind in Asia, this Centre of Excellence undertakes global responsibility for the management, research and new product development, engineering and manufacturing of 2 key products: surface testing equipment and topside multiphase flowmeters.


Schlumberger also collaborates with the National University of Singapore and A*STAR to develop innovative solutions for ESPs and multiphase flow, among other research projects.