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Singapore Power Group

Singapore Power Group is responsible for the country’s electricity and gas transmission and distribution. Its $30-million Centre of Excellence is developing the next-generation energy network technology for better energy reliability and efficiency.

The centre will develop solutions to meet Singapore’s future energy needs, such as piloting and integrating cutting-edge technologies for the country’s infrastructure networks, as well as to look at possible commercialisation opportunities.


It will also focus on green energy, or the adoption of renewable sources, to promote sustainable development. It will explore more efficient ways to work smarter and deploy manpower. For example, remote sensors and intelligent drones could be used for monitoring tasks, freeing up skilled staff for higher order work.


To build its capabilities by embracing technology and digital solutions to improve its work processes, the group is installing solar panels at its new Kallang headquarters so as to gain in-house expertise on how solar panels work and interact with batteries. SP has also converted its fleet of service vehicles into electric vehicles.